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Our Services

Assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, and mobility support. 

Light housekeeping tasks like dusting, vacuuming, laundry, changing bed linens, and maintaining a clean and safe living environment.

Preparing, cooking and serving meals so you can maintain a healthy lifestyle no matter your ability.

Helping clients with medication schedules, organising pill boxes, and coordinating with healthcare professionals to ensure proper administration of medications.

We assist clients with transportation to medical appointments, social outings, grocery shopping, and participating in the community.

Engaging in conversation, providing emotional support, and participating in recreational activities to combat loneliness and promote social interaction.

We assist with financial management, communication skills and lifestyle mentoring.

For clients with mobility challenges, we can assist in developing mobility skills and using assistive devices. We may provide physical support, teach techniques for safe mobility, and help clients navigate public transportation or accompany them on outings.

We often play a crucial role in helping clients integrate into their communities. We can support clients in participating in community activities, joining clubs or organizations, and developing social connections with others, thereby fostering a sense of belonging and independence.

We support clients in Supported Independent Living (SIL) programs aim to maximise their autonomy, self-determination, and overall well-being. We provide a supportive environment that fosters personal growth, skill development, and the opportunity to lead a fulfilling and independent life.

We support clients who live in SDA properties of various levels, ranging from basic to high support needs. We ensure that individuals can access housing that aligns with their level of disability and support needs.

We work in collaboration with the NDIS and SDA provider.

We provide temporary care and support to individuals with disabilities, offering relief to their primary caregivers or families. Respite care aims to give caregivers a break from their caregiving responsibilities while ensuring the well-being and safety of the individuals with disabilities.

Respite care can vary in duration and can take place in various settings, including the individual’s home, specialised respite care facilities, or within the community.

We work closely with individuals with disabilities, their families or support networks, and service providers to ensure a coordinated approach to funding management and support delivery.

Our role is focused on assisting individuals in maximizing the value and effectiveness of their NDIS funding while relieving the administrative burden associated with financial management.

About Us

Kalunga Supported Care is a registered NDIS provider based in South East Queensland providing flexible individualised services to participants who have a need for person-centred daily living and community participation supports.


KSC is dedicated to giving people with disabilities greater choice, control, and freedom – empowering them to live life on their own terms. We support people with disabilities by enabling them to realise their personal aspirations and goals.

We firmly believe that having a disability should never limit the degree of choice and control people have over their own lives, and we work hard to make sure the people we support get a fair go. There’s a world of opportunities and experiences out there for all, regardless of ability.

Challenging the status quo to create a society that is fairer and more inclusive of people with disabilities is what we do. For us, there’s nothing more satisfying than discovering where someone wants to go and supporting them in getting there – bringing family members, friends, and carers along on the journey.

Relentless in our pursuit of inclusion and equality, we are committed to ensuring people with disabilities are given the respect and opportunities they deserve. Sometimes this means speaking out against injustice, sometimes it’s a matter of changing people’s perceptions and behaviour through education.

We’re not afraid to ask the tough questions and have thought provoking conversations – whatever it takes to inspire positive change.


Our vision is a society that is fairer and more inclusive of people with disabilities.

Our mission is to fulfil the physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual needs of people with disabilities and their families and carers to help them develop their full human potential.

Our values are: Inclusion and Equality | Respect | Choice, Control, and Freedom Innovation | Holistic, Person-Centred Care


At KSC we are excited about the improved outcomes the NDIS will bring to people with a disability across Australia, and we are here to help make these positive changes happen.

We are committed to innovation as well as best practice, evidence-based service delivery, to ensure we are constantly striving for better and smarter ways to meet the needs, desires and goals of our clients.

Our service delivery is centred on our clients and involves them and their supporters in every aspect of their care.

We pride ourselves on our quality service delivery and supporting clients to participate in and belong to the community, while becoming independent, autonomous directors of their own care.
Serving Queensland since 2019

we are dedicated to giving people with disabilities greater choice, control, and freedom.

Why Choose us?

Choosing us as your disability service provider comes with several compelling benefits:

1. Expertise and Experience: We have extensive experience in the field of disability support services. Our team are skilled professionals who are knowledgeable about the unique challenges faced by individuals with disabilities. We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality services and making a positive impact on the lives of those we support.

2. Individualised Approach: We understand that every person’s disability is unique, and one-size-fits-all solutions are ineffective. That’s why we take a personalised approach to support. Our team will work closely with you to assess your specific needs, preferences, and goals. We tailor our services to meet your individual requirements, ensuring that you receive the right level of support and assistance.

3. Comprehensive Services: We offer a wide range of services that encompass various aspects of disability support. Whether you need assistance with daily living activities, access to educational and vocational resources, emotional support, or social integration, we have you covered. Our comprehensive approach ensures that all your needs are addressed holistically.

4. Accessible and Inclusive Environment: We prioritise creating an inclusive environment where individuals with disabilities feel welcomed, respected, and valued. Our facilities, programs, and services are designed to be accessible to people of all abilities. We are committed to breaking down barriers and promoting full participation and inclusion for everyone we serve.

5. Community and Networking Opportunities: Being part of our disability support service means joining a vibrant community. We organise events, workshops, and social activities that allow individuals with disabilities to connect, share experiences, and build meaningful relationships. 

6. Empowerment and Independence: Our primary goal is to empower individuals with disabilities to lead independent and fulfilling lives. We focus on enhancing your self-advocacy skills, promoting personal growth, and facilitating opportunities for self-determination. We believe that everyone has the right to make choices, set goals, and pursue their dreams, and we provide the necessary support to help you achieve them.

7. Collaborative Partnerships: We understand that addressing the diverse needs of individuals with disabilities often requires collaboration with other service providers and organisations. We have established strong partnerships with relevant stakeholders in the disability sector, including healthcare professionals, educational institutions, and community organisations. These collaborations enable us to provide you with comprehensive and coordinated support.

By choosing us as your disability service provider, you can expect compassionate care, personalised support, and a commitment to your overall wellbeing. We are dedicated to making a positive difference in your life and helping you overcome obstacles to reach your full potential.
We are very proud to provide
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